March 22, 2018

I knew early on that it was love. The thing that brought us all here. Breathed life, animated us. I don’t know how I knew. I just knew. The problem with knowing, is that not everyone does it. They spend lives either exalting the knowers or exasperated by them, never stopping to notice that they could know too, if they bothered to try. I never tried, really. It was just always there. And when you know all of the universe, it’s hard to be around people who are deathly afraid of knowing. You find yourself moving left, all the while being pulled right. Right isn’t logical but there it is, refusing to be ignored. Insolent, illogical right. Eventually, after thirty some years of left, left, left, you find yourself in a holding patter of counterclockwise drudgery, wondering why you ever let other people’s fear of knowing have its way with you. Fear didn’t being us here. Fear had no part in any of it. Love ran the show from day one but somehow we mucked it all up. I’m still not sure if being a knower makes me obligated to be a doer. Or if love will allow me to observe. A knower and a watcher, creating ripples in the fear.

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