I want to wear you again

Show up at 19 unexpected, but then

Sensibilities persist

Some kind of rules must exist

Can’t go on feeling like this

I see what you don’t

Know who you are, but you won’t

Roll the di, roll the dice

Give it up, lose the lie

Don’t wanna feel what you do

Don’t wanna do what you should



You know that I’m right

Don’t wanna feel that inside

So I go home alone

Wipe all trace from phone

Not gonna wear you again

Because you’d rather pretend

Don’t wanna do what you should

Don’t wanna feel what you do

Give it up, lose the lie

Roll the di roll the dice

Cause I wanna wear you again

A random text now and then

App Life

I recently had one of those patches of life where it felt as if everyone in my life had lost their damn minds. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if everyone around you is crazy then maybe you’re to blame so I decided that maybe I should take some personal time to regroup. I deactivated or deleted all of my social media accounts and apps. Even the dating ones. I deleted everyone that I don’t regularly keep in touch with from my contacts on my phone and purged any conversations that haven’t happened in 2017. I can’t scroll through memes on Instagram or judge people from high school that I haven’t seen in person in over a decade or bored text guys that I don’t really care about. The horror!

I’ve actually found myself getting way more done, being less moody and more content. I probably have to credit some of that to the Chinese Herbs that my acupuncturist gave me (so long Damp Heat!) but that’s a whole other post. With so much focus and nothing to distract me I have decided to try downloading the WordPress app so that I could conveniently channel my creativity. As “first world problem” as it is, I hate booting up my laptop and logging in every time inspiration strikes so I’m hoping that by having it on my phone I will be more inclined to throw some thoughts out for my zero followers. Prepare for text-like messages with poor spelling and no commas! That is, until I cave and download Tinder again. Or until people put their crazy away.