#5amclub The Story

I spend far too much time on Facebook but I have stumbled upon some wonderful things there so I keep coming back. One of the wonderful things was Jon Acuff and his #DoSummer movement. I haven’t actually signed up for the challenge, but the group I joined (on Facebook) is full of ambitious people who are working on their hustles and they have been inspiring me to bring a little more hustle to my daily life. Within the group several people were making #5amclub posts each day. I got curious and followed the hashtag to this video

Now I like to think that I have an efficient bullshit filter and I recognize the personal promotion that is going on in this video but I like the concept of starting my day earlier and creating the time to exercise, plan and prepare before my kids are up and the distractions begin. I have written #5amclub at the top of every page of my day planner for 10 weeks and my alarm is set to go off at 5 every morning, even weekends. I am committing.

What I would like to achieve is:

A greater sense of quiet through meditation.

Incorporating even a small amount of purposeful exercise into my day.

Having more focus and drive by starting my day with a plan.

Loosing some (all) of the weight that I have gained in the last 6 months.

Having time for meal prep, oil pulling, relaxing showers, etc.

I am hoping to check in each day and compare my first post with my 70th to see my progress.

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