It’s funny how something as simple as a blowjob can make buying dog food so damn complicated.

I’ve had a crush on “Pet Store Guy” for months now. We’ve flirted over Petchup, become Facebook friends and even sent some naughty texts. I like him. I really have no reason not to. Smart, funny, ambitious and seriously so friggin cute! I get that we aren’t meant to be. He’s a little younger, never married, no kids. I’m rocking the shit out of this single mom thing but I understand that most men aren’t interested in jumping in where the last guy left off. But I still like him. Future or not you just can’t help who you fall for. Unfortunately for me you also don’t get to choose when you get over the idiot who shares a hot makeout session turned blowjob with you and then bails………..

So now each time I fill Seth’s dish I look at the ever dwindling supply of food left and panic a little. Eventually I am going to have to buy more and it is going to be like the walk of shame times a million. The worst part is, I don’t feel shame. Or at least I shouldn’t. I didn’t do anything wrong. I had a sexual encounter with a man that I am sexually attracted to and I’m allowed to do that. He’s an ass for backing out and then not texting but that’s his issue, not mine. I am fucking sick of taking the blame for men and their problems. I have been dumped for not putting out and ignored for putting out too soon. I don’t have the patience to tap dance around and let the guy decide when it’s time to fuck.


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